AMX 56 - LeClerc
IMG 20141009 205105
Main Battle Tank, Tier V
HP 2330
Damage per Shot 327
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 39 km/h
View Range 330 m

The AMX 56 was developed to replace the aging and outclassed AMX 30. It has a 120 mm main gun that is 52 calibers long, which was longer than the 44 caliber guns of all other Western tanks at the time of its introduction. It also incorporates an auto loader which is also uncommon on Western MBTs. The turret was designed around the auto loader which saves the tank from some other problems found on other tanks equiped with an auto loader. The LeClerc is also one of the lightest MBTs, weighing in at 56 tons which, coupled with a powerful 1500 hp diesel hyperbar engine, gives this the best power-to-weight horsepower ratio of any MBT which leads to high mobility. It has modular armor that can be repaired quickly and allows for easy upgrade for advances in armor design.

In Game Edit

The LeClerc is the tier V NATO tank in game. Compared to its Russian counterpart, it has a weaker gun but a slightly higher rate of fire, and more hit points to compensate a little. It is almost as fast, and has a taller profile, so more gun depression. It can be used more effectively from concealment and playing peekaboo thanks to that extra depression. It will always be placed as the lowest tier, so against higher tiers try to not be a stationary target as they can inflict a lot more damage. Used correctly, this can be a very effective tank.