8 Deutsch Krawarn (Winter Church map) 2018-10-16-13-23-22-539

Snow map with 3 hills (left, center and right). The center hill has a church on it at E5. Teams usually camp on the top of one of the hills at C7 or D2 and snipe the enemy, it's a sniping map. Quicker tanks and aggressive players should go at the foot of the center hill C4 or C5 where they can flank the enemy.


Its a very bumpy map with lots of small terrain features that make you miss and bounce. Since there are 3 hills and lots of various obstacles giving cover here and there, it is difficult to snipe from long range effectively. It favors stable gun platforms with good gun depression, mobility and overall flexibility. Winning here can be a hit and miss affair,and even using better tactics you can still get caught in the wrong corner with your pants down.

Best tanks are T30, A34, SP, IS-2, KTH, E-100

Best TDs are M36B2, T28, A39, JagTiger, Su-100, Su-152

Top performers usually are M36B2, T30, A34, SP, KTH

Modern top performers are M1A2, T14, Leo 2A6ace, M1A1ace, Leo2A7, T90ace