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This map is basically made up of four hills in each corner, with a few buildings and rocks in the central valley area. Some of the hills have a building or rock to use for cover.

This is a very defensive map with out-of-view range sniping being very common.

Most matches start with both sides taking defensive positions and waiting for the other side to attack through the middle, which typically leads to instant death.

Fast tanks can be used for flanking operations, though this is mostly a sniper map benefiting bigger tanks with big guns. Tanks with poor gun depression may struggle since it's more difficult to take advantage of the hills where you can aim down at the enemy below you.

Either, all the tanks spawn together in one corner, then smaller tanks have a chance to break off and flank, or the teams spawn in two groups. Then it typically leads to three vs three action on each side of the map.


This map favors long range sniping BVR battles between dark green / brown color scheme tanks with high frontal armor, screaming US / British / German TD line.

Best TDs for this map are T28, JagTiger, Tortoise A39, M36B2, and maybe the SU-100 or ISU152.

Best Tanks for this map are T30, SP, KTH, IS-2, comet A34

Top performers usually are T28, M36B2, JagTiger, T30, SP

Modern top performers are M1A2, M1A2ace, Leo 2A6 ace, T14, T90ace, Leo 2A7