Hradec Nad Moravici, or River map, is a map consisting of one village, a very strong and highly valuable map center position, a river, a house on a small hill, which is a great sniping position, and an area that is roadblocked.

Tanks with both bad and great gun depression can have fun here. There are plenty of flat and non-flat areas for both to have fun.

The village, which is at the Southern end, consists of lots of houses and a relativly large mansion, giving you lots of cover and flanking opportunities. The Village also has small hills all around it.

The team that spawns to the South has a considerable advantage since they spawn in cover-riddled terrain which can provide them reliable cover till they reach the center of the map. This has a large hill that if controlled by either side gives a huge advantage.

Tanks with poor gun depression can't effectively exploit the advantages given by the position, but tanks with great gun depression end up having a very strong position.

Close to the village, and right next door to the center of the map, is a windmill, two silos and a house which can't be destroyed, so they also can provide reliable cover. But the silos have a narrow gap in between them. If your tank has good or great optics range, then you can snipe through the gap and somewhat secretly destroy a tank on the side.

However, it's not all tears and frustration for the team at the Northern end. The North spawn is relativly far from the center so you can't exactly be spotted from the center if you're at the spawn. The North team also get a strong position consisting of a house on a hill which provides a great sniping position from which you can cover a considerable area, and it has reliable cover as well. The North team also gets small rising on the terrain for cover if attacked from the center.  

The river that goes along the map's center is a good place to hide in too. There is surprisingly good cover and any parts of you're tank that are under water can't be hurt even if directly shot, so it's a good hulldown position.

The road-blocked area is at the North. The area covered by the road blocks can['t be crossed, so you have to get around it which is time consuming.

If your tank has the right camouflage (especially American tanks ), then you can probably hide in one of the wide bushes or the leaves of a fallen tree for a bit, until you get detected.


This is one of the best balanced maps suitable for all aspect combat from BVR sniping to dogfighting, with terrain ranging from gentle hills to smooth grassy plain and river bank. This means that you can do well in any tank at the appropriate part of the map. The soft light green landscape favors green / brown / spring or summer color schemes.

Best Tanks are SP, Comet A34, T-30, KTH, IS-2, E-100

Best TDs are M36B2, Tortoise A39, SU-100, ISU-152, JagTiger, T28

Top Performers usually are M36B2, SP, A34, T30, A39

Modern top performers are T14, M1A2, Leo 2A6ace, M1A1ace, Leo 2A7, T90ace