IS-2 rev. 1944
IS-2.Hero Image.V1
Tier VIII Heavy Tank
HP 1150
Damage per Shot 290
Rate of Fire 10/min
Vehicle Speed 31km/h
View Range 330m

The IS-2 is an upgraded version of the IS-1. After the IS-1 was quickly introduced, due to the need for fielding a better heavy tank than the KV-1, a trial was held to find a more effective gun because it didn't make much sense for a heavy tank to be armed the same as a medium tank.

A 100mm gun and 122mm gum were tested and though the 100mm had better armor penetration, the 122mm was chosen because there were more of the guns available (since it was already a field gun in service). It also had a much more effective HE shell.

It was tested against a Panther tank at combat ranges and was deemed sufficient, so the gun was placed on the IS-1, with few frontal armor changes and entered production as the IS-2.

The tank has over 100mm of armor protection all round and was also lighter than the Panther and Tiger tank with a lower profile.

In gameEdit

The IS-2 is the Russian tier VIII tank. It has a very low profile, making it hard to hit, plus its sloped armor is very bouncy, causing enemy shells to frequently ricochette off. The downsi

de is that it has very bad gun depression meaning that it's very hard to get hull down with.

IS2 Weak Spots

Its armor is very comparable to the King Tiger's, making this one tough tank to fight. Be aggressive against less-armored tanks and charge them so they don't have the chance to snipe your health away – especially against fast TDs like the B2 who have the extended view advantage. Avoid going over peaks and keep down low so your gun depression is less of an issue. 

360 degrees Pivot  : about 16 secs - 22,5 degs/sec. Turret Traverse : about 14 secs - 26 degs/sec 

Strong Point : - Takes almost same damage everywhere like an experimental 

Weakness : - Horrid gun aiming, not agile enough. 

Frontal Weak Spots :

 - Drivers vision port on front glacis plate. (RED Color) 

 - Turret side cheeks (YELLOW Color) 

 - Possibly you can do more damage at the tracks ?   

Damage modeling : -Gun mantlet 40-50%, turret cheeks 80-90%, turret sides 55-65%, turret rear 80-95% 

-Hull Front 45-55%, hull side 60-70%, hull rear 105-125%