ISU-122s.Hero Image.V1
HP 800
Damage per Shot 216
Rate of Fire 10/min
Vehicle Speed 34 km/h
View Range 340 m
With the ISU-152 in production there were not enough guns to keep pace with the number of hulls being produced. The effective 122mm gun was chosen to fill those spare hulls and the ISU-122 was used more as a tank destroyer than the ISU-152 that was equally effective at support. Initially the ISU-122 had the A19S gun with a manual psiton breech but this was eventually modernized to the D25S gun when that became available which had an improved breech and increased the rate of fire up to 4 rounds per minute with a veteran crew. The modernized gun variant was the ISU-122s.

In GameEdit

This is the tier VI Russian TD. Stay back and shoot. You have enough mobility to run away from heavier and stronger tanks.