HP 815
Damage per Shot 200
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 37 km/h
View Range 345 m

The Jagdpanther was based on the regular Panther tank but armed with the fearsome 8.8cm anti-tank gun. It's thick and sloped frontal armor made it a tough nut to crack. It was introduced in 1944 and fought on both fronts. Some regard it as the best tank destroyer of the war thanks to the excellent combination of mobility firepower and protection.

In Game Edit

This is the tier VI German tank destroyer. It has good frontal armor and decent speed. It can pick off on any tier VI but isn't as effective against the big tier VIII tanks. Sit back and play the support sniper role and always face the enemy for their return shots. Try to use the view range advantage against enemy tanks and avoid head to head confrontations with bigger TD's.