HP 1190
Damage per Shot 321
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 24 km/h
View Range 345 m

The Jagdtiger was an heavy tank destroyer and was the heaviest tank to ever get in production. It was based on an extended Tiger 2 hull and equipped with the 128mm PaK 44 L/55, which was able to penetrate the armor of any fielded tank of the allies. 150 were ordered but around 80 to 88 tanks were produced. It's biggest flaw was being a heavier vehicle than the King Tiger yet still equipped with the same engine that was already over burdened in that tank which made the JagdTiger essentially a semi mobile pillbox. It had extensive frontal armor so most tanks would not be able to penetrate the front but it could be outmaneuvered in battle and had frequent mechanical issues.

In Game Edit

This is the tier VIII German Tank Destroyer. It is pretty slow but quicker than the super heavies like the Maus or T28. It has good frontal armor with no real weakspots but it's no where near as armored as a T28 so tier VIII's will still regularly peel off over 100 hp per shot but you have 1190 total hp so can last a while. Head to head it can stand against almost any other tank thanks to the highest damage per minute just behind the Carius. Just don't get flanked which means using the extra TD view range to it's fullest by hanging back. If you can hide your hull your health will last even longer but this doesn't have too great of gun depression so it's harder to get hull down. Angling the sides can get a pretty decent amount of ricochets when performed correctly. Best to play the support tank rather than lead the charge.

360 degree pivot time : About 21 secs - 17 degs/sec in flat ground.

Strong Points : - Fast reload, high damage, tough frontal armor, Difficult to hit weak spots.

Weakness : - Worst handling, slow turn rate, bad aiming reticle, mediocre gun depression, big target
JagdTiger Weak Spots

Frontal Weak Spots :

- Casemate side seams (YELLOW Color)

- Track guards (RED Color) 

Damage modeling : -Gun mantlet 30-40%, casemate front 35-50%, cheeks 50-60%, sides 60-80%, rear 75-90%

-Hull Front 40-55%, hull side 60-75%, hull rear 80-100%