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Jeseniky, or Mountain Map, is a rather linear map with lots of rocks and considerable climbs.

The Northern position, where one of the flags is located, is on high terrain and there are only two ways to get there; one is climbing through the Eastern climb, also called the Derp Passage, or through the West.

The Southern flag is on lower terrain and it also only two ways to get to it. The Eastern way is a tunnel ( Derp Gorge ), which is easy to completely block with a large enough tank. It is also a great position from which to shoot enemies at the top of the Derp Passage.

Since 3.0.0 update there is a new ramp passage next to Derp Gorge tunnel, leading to a great shooting possition at D7

The Western area, that leads to either of the flags, has a crossing between each of the two areas at the West.

The Northern area has a large hunk of rock, behind which one can hide, and also has two exits/entrances which lead to the Northern flag. So, if you're running towards the Northen flag or falling back towards the Southern flag you have two ways.

The Southern area has a sniper playground feel to it. The Southern entrance to the flag is a small rise, just like the entrance/exit leading into/out of the North-West area. Just like the North-West area, it has a big rock there to provide some cover. The climb shown in the picture is the Eastern exit/entrance out of/into the Southern flag area.

The Northern flag has two ways to it; through the East and West. The Eastern entrance is the Derp Passage, which is the biggest climb in the map, therefore be careful when climbing it in slow tanks. The area between the Eastern tunnel and Derp Passage is an area from which you can be shot from three areas; the tunnel, Derp Passage, and the middle of the map that connects to both the Eastern open area that leads to the three ways, and the South-West Southern flag entrance area.

Once in, the Northern flag can be reached from either the Derp Passage or the Western area. The Derp Passage climb is a more direct route. From the Western entrance it takes longer to get to the Northern flag. From the top of the Derp Passage you can either go North or West.

The position at the center of both the North-East and the North-West consists of rocky terrain. From there you can also reach the Northern flag.


This map has a considerable terrain denivelation which favors fast tanks with high gun depression and mat green coloring scheme, it sort of screams US/British line.

Best tanks for this map are SP, T30, Comet A34, KV-5, KTH

Best TDs are M36B2, T28, Tortoise A39.

Top Performers usually are M36B2, T28, SP, T30, A34

Modern top performers are M1A2, M1A2ace, Leo 2A6 ace, T14, T90ace, Leo 2A7