Leopard 1A1
Leopard 1A1.Hero Image.V1
Modern Era tier I tank
HP 1390
Damage per Shot 183
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 33 km/h
View Range 330 m

This MBT was designed and produced in West Germany. The main focus was mainly on firepower since at the time HEAT rounds pretty much made armor irrelevant. Equipped with the German licensed built British L7 105mm, it offered great firepower and had improved off-road capabilities which were unmatched by any tank of its time.

In Game Edit

Undoubtedly the best Tier 1, this tank has a phenomenal turret turn time which makes it great for dogfighting. Slow and large, it can be an easy target but its great gun and good gun depression make it a good peek-a-boo tank as well. It lacks armor thickness so it's easy to kill but it has a remarkably bouncy turret with thick armor.