M10 Wolverine
M10 Wolverine.Hero Image.V1
HP 385
Damage per Shot 62
Rate of Fire 20/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 345m

The M10 was a self-propelled 3in gun (different than the later 76mm used on Shermans) built on an M4A2 chassis. It had an open topped turret to save weight and had reduced armor thickness, though incorporated a strongly sloped hull all around to compensate a little. Though it wasn't the best of the war numerically it was the most important American tank destroyer (TD). It began service in North Africa where its gun was quite powerful against German tanks of the time, but it went on to see service till the end of the war, even after being partially replaced by the M18 and ultimately the M36 which was based on the M10A1 chassis.

In GameEdit

This is the American tier III TD. Just like in real life, this is a much better replacment after grinding through the M3 GMC. It is pretty quick in a straight line, has the extended TD view range, coupled with a turret which gives it an advantage over tanks and the German and Russian TDs that have fixed turrets. Its firepower and fire rate are pretty average for the tier and armor is weak, but used as a sniper you can do well with this tank. Most vehicles at this tier have easy to hit weak spots so the low armor isn't as big of a disadvantage as in higher tiers, so blow-for-blow this can go against anything in its tier. When up-tiered, play the support role and try picking on the tanks that can't see you.