M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat.Hero Image.V1
HP 680
Damage per Shot 115
Rate of Fire 15/min
Vehicle Speed 48 km/h
View Range 345 m
The M18 was the tank destroyer the TD branch wanted. The M10 was just a placeholder till the M18 could be introduced. It was designed to be light and quick, sacrificing armor protection for a higher top speed. The M18 was the fastest tracked vehicle of the war and mounted a 76mm gun. Even though it was outgunned and under armored it still had the highest kill-to-death ratio of any other US TD of the war. The M18 was meant to counter enemy armored offensives using their higher speed to outmaneuver the enemy.

In GameEdit

The M18 is the American tier V tank destroyer. It is the fastest tank in the game and packs a decent punch for its tier. Used effectively, it can easily circle the slower tier V tanks, like the Tiger I and KV-2. Just be sure to use the amazing speed to dodge shots because the armor is so thin this takes almost max damage wherever it gets hit, including the front. Use the quick speed to get to excellent ambush positions quicker than the enemy is expecting you, and use the extra visual range to plant the first shot. Repositiong between shots is a good tactic when the enemy sights in on your position. In top tier, this can be a real nuisance to the slower heavy tanks and if you play it right they have a hard time trying to catch you. Watch out for the faster top tier tanks though as they can chase you down and quickly eliminate your health. Best to play the support role and find a new firing position between shots so they can't zero in on you.