M1A2 Abrams
Main Battle Tank, Tier IX
HP 4055
Damage per Shot 490
Rate of Fire 11
Vehicle Speed 45
View Range 330 m
The M1A2 is currently the most advanced tank used by the United States military. It has a powerful 120mm gun and is one of the few modern tanks to use a turbine engine that has better power to weight ratios than a comparative diesel engine. It also runs quieter and doesn't have a visible exhaust signature but it guzzles a lot more fuel. The M1A2 added an independent thermal viewing scope for the commander and an electronics upgrade along with an improved fire control. The tank is fully capable of hitting targets on the move and has very good armor protection and mobility.

In GameEdit

The M1A2 is the tier IX NATO tank. Compared to the Armata it has more health and firepower and has the same top speed and fire rate. The Abrams has a similar profile and has excellent gun depression so it can really get into hull down positions that the Armata cannot. It is the highest tier tank available and has a health advantage over the lower tiers. It has excellent engine power so it can start from a standstill even on heavily sloped hills. It is a great peekaboo tank or can rush straight into the thick of things with its high health. The Abrams also has a farily bouncy hull and turret. It is capable of handling any tank it can encounter on the battlefield and in the right hands is a  very deadly adversary. It is however prone to rolling on sharp turns like most NATO tanks and if rammed while on the move has a high tendancy to go flying or roll over on its turret. It also has less firepower than the Ace tanks so try not to expose your sides to them or you will find how quick a lower tier tank can kill you. Try to always face the enemy as this has few frontal weak points and they are hard to hit especially at range.

Strong points : - Most versatile tank, Best Gun depression, Snap turns, Bouncy hull, Hard to hit weakspots

Weakness : - Appalling handling in rough terrain, worst aiming reticle, slow turning

Frontal Weak Spots :

- Lower hull (BLUE Color)

Abramas 1A2 WeakSpots

- Drivers vision block, although since 2017 updates it bounces off 90%+ of the shots taken (RED Color)

- Top of the hull might take full damage, especially above engine bay, but has high ricochet chance. (YELLOW Color)

Verdict : Best tank for top class tankers in brigade wars.