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Light Tank, Tier I
HP 240
Damage per Shot 29
Rate of Fire 28/min
Vehicle Speed 45 km/h
View Range 330 m
The M2A4 was a pre World War II light tank that served only in the Pacific War in the Marine first tank battalion and sveral British companies. Before the US became involved in the war it saw that the M2A4 was outclassed and so developed the M3 Stuart to replace it. The M2A4 was one of the first US tanks to incorporate a larger cannon in a single turret as its direct predecessors (M2A1-M2A3) incorporated only machine guns in twin turrets.

In Game Edit

This is the starting tank for the Americans. Like all tier I tanks it is very quick but has a very weak weapon with a high rate of fire. They have very thin armor so should remain mobile so as not to be an easy target. Working in groups and flanking runs on higher tier tanks is the best way to go. Learn to shoot on the move and use the high rate of fire to swarm slower tier III tanks and stay a mobile target which is hard to hit. Driven aggressively and as a dogfighter this can be a very effective tank.