M36 B2
M36 B2.Hero Image.V1
HP 1100
Damage per Shot 283
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 38 km/h
View Range 345 m

The M36, based on the M4A3 chassis, was in such high demand that they couldn't produce enough chassis to keep up. Eventually, as with the Sherman, a variant was produced by GMC on the M4A2 chassis. This used the GM diesel engine, instead of the slightly more powerful gasoline-powered Ford engine in the M4A3. As such, it was a little slower but performance didn't suffer too drastically.

In GameEdit

The M36 B2 is the tier VIII American WWII TD. It has excellent firepower, coupled with a good reload rate, giving it good damage per minute at its tier. The B2 is the second fastest vehicle at its tier, only a hair slower than the Comet. View range is your greatest asset, coupled with the speed and decent gun. Most shells can carve huge chunks out of you if the enemy can see your hull and the front hull is actually weaker than the sides. Hull down is your only hope for taking hits since the mantlet is pretty tough but they can still hit the turret cheeks that are weak. Use speed to keep ahead of heavily armored targets and try to always engage at the full extent of your view range. This tank is not very agile so dogfighting is not recommended and long range is typically the way to go. Let more heavily armored tanks take the front lines while you hover behind scoring hits and if the enemy charges don't be ashamed to fall back and ambush them again when they get closer. Shoot and scoot is the way to survive.

360 degrees Pivot : Variable. 10-15 secs.24-36 degs/sec. Turret Traverse 13 secs - 28 degs/sec

Strong Points : - Great gun depression, fast reload, speedy, great mantlet armor, easy to hide, most versatile vehicle in game.

Weakness : - front hull is weaker than sides, bad handling, mediocre aiming accuracy, slow gun reticle settle time, needs expert driver.

M36B2 Weak Spots

Frontal Weak Spots :

- Everywhere! takes lots of damage at turret cheeks (YELLOW Color). Try the thin horizontal line above the transmission hubs (RED Color) and the white star.

Damage modeling : -Gun mantlet 45-55%, turret cheeks 90-100%, turret sides 70-80%, turret rear 90-110%

-Hull Front 75-90%, hull side 70-85%, hull rear 135-155%

Real M36B2 Armor layout:

Lower hull front has a rounded, cast transmission cover of 51 mm, and on the sides and rear 25 mm

The glacis plate with the star 38 mm thick sloped at 55 degrees from vertical, is equivalent to about 66mm of vertical armor and had 8 large bosses on it in order to attach appliqué armor plates.

Upper hull sides and rear were 19 mm thick sloped at 38 degrees from vertical, were equivalent to 24mm vertical armor. Depending on the production period of its M10 parent, each side of the M36's upper hull was plain, or could be adorned with 12 appliqué armor bosses.

The hull roof plate ranged from 19 mm thick over the driver's and assistant driver's stations and turret ring, to 9 mm thick over the engine compartment.

Turret armor: The rounded mantlet (cast gun shield) was 76 mm thick.

The sides of the M36's rounded turret were 32 mm thick, constructed of rolled armor plate.

The turret rear was 44 mm to 127 mm thick and the top was 9 mm to 25 mm thick.