M36 Jackson
M36 Jackson.Hero Image.V1
HP 810
Damage per Shot 172
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 43 km/h
View Range 345 m
While the M10 filled the role of tank destroyer it was quickly made apparent that it lacked the firepower to take down the larger German kitties. The quickest way to rectify this was to fit the more powerful 90mm gun on the M10 which made it the M36 Jackson. The M36 was based on the M4A3 Sherman chassis mounting the powerful 90mm gun so it was quick and packed a good punch though it didn't have the armor protection to take hits. It was heavily sought after by American tank units being one of teh only vehicles at it's introduction able to kill Tigers and Panthers at range.

In GameEdit

This is the tier VI American tank destroyer. It is decently quick and packs a decent punch for its tier just avoid taking hits as the armor protection is paper thin and takes almost full damage even to the front hull. Use the speed to reposition between shots and circle slower opponents. Try to go hull down to present the smallest target and the view range is your life since you can hit them when they can't see you and you can hardly afford to take hits.