M3A3 Lee
M3A3 Lee.Hero Image.V1
Medium Tank, Tier III
HP 410
Damage per Shot 67
Rate of Fire 21/min
Vehicle Speed 38 km/h
View Range 330 m
The M3A3 Lee was a stop gap solution to quickly produce a new medium tank for the war effort. It was well armed and armored at the time of its introduction but it suffered from a high silhouette, riveted construction, and poor offroad performance. It's main gun was less effective being in a sponson mount and not a turret so the tank was removed from service as soon as the M4 Sherman entered production.

In Game Edit

This is the American tier III tank. It is one of the hardest tanks to play simply because it doesn't have a full rotating turret. It does usually end up where it is one of the highest tier tanks on the battlefield but it still regularly gets thrown in higher tier battles when fully upgraded. It should be used as a support tank because it hast he highest firepower and fire rate in its tier making it so no other tank can out gun you in your tier. It's gun is powerful against tier II tanks and it's armor can take a lot of hits from them just try to avoid mobile matches against another tier III. It;'s gun is also viable in a tier IV match where it can quickly decimate a tier IV or V with side shots. Just flank them and support the heavier tanks on your team. Dogfighting is not recomended though it is possible against something like a Tiger I with a slow turret. You have a good top speed so racing past a Tigers turret is possible and then you can either escape or try to keep racing by it just focus more on dodging shots and only turning to shoot when the turret is far enough away it can't hit you. If the enemy is smart enough to turn their hull with the turret you probably better make good your escape. This has a tall profile that can make you take a lot of hits if you try to play peekaboo over a hill so it's best to avoid cresting a hill if you know there's an enemy on the other side.