M3 75mm GMC
M3 GMC.Hero Image.V1
HP 295
Damage per Shot 45
Rate of Fire 22/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 345m
The M3 75 GMC was a self propelled version of the French 75mm gun. It was used in the Pacific and North African campaigns with reasonable sucess though it was phased out in favor of the M10 once that became available.

In GameEdit

This is the tier II American tank destroyer. It has a good gun and though the gun is forward fixed it has a pretty good range of traverse so you can park it at a good ambush point and fire away. The most difficult part of using this is in order to turn you must be moving forward or backwards so no rotating in place which leads to this easily being circled. If used as a rear sniper using the view range to the fullest this is a decent TD just don't get in close to the enemy and remember if you hit turn while the vehicle is parked it will just sit there so it must be moving to turn. Also it has pretty much no armor so avoid taking hits.