Merkava II
IMG 20141007 190334
Main Battle Tank, Tier IV
HP 1980
Damage per Shot 270
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Merkava is the Israeli Defense Force's primary tank. Having fought many wars the Merkava was designed in Israel from their extensive combat experience. Considering the small size of the population, greater emphasis was placed on crew survive-ability instead of mobility so it has extensive armor and the engine was moved to the front of the tank to offer better protection for the crew. This left a large storage area in the back and also enabled the Merkava to act as an APC or ambulance for wounded soldiers. The Mark II was a slight upgrade over the Mark I and was optimized for urban warfare after the Mark I saw action in the 1982 war with Lebanon. Both Mark I & II utilized the same engine and the same 105 mm main gun. The Mark III and Mark IV incorporated a larger 120 mm gun.

In Game Edit

The Merkava is the tier IV NATO tank in game. Compared to it's Russian counterpart it has a weaker gun but a slightly higher rate of fire and a lot more hit points to compensate. It is also faster and has a taller profile so more gun depression. It can be used more effectively from concealment and playing peekaboo thanks to that extra depression. It is always placed in the highest tier against tier I-III tanks so be the heavy gun on the battlefield. The Merkava can be a very effective tank and is a common favorite among tankers.  

As it happens to other tanks, its side and rear armour are quite weak, so be careful not to expose those armour plates.