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The occupied city can be a fun and challenging map. Tanks with poor gun depression don't have any disadvantages here as in the town it's mostly level.

The town center has a large open area with only a few trees and large boulders or statues for cover.

Surrounding the open area are some buildings, mostly aligned in a grid pattern, that allow faster tanks to race around and flank slower, large tanks.

Dogfighting in the city streets is difficult as it's easy to block an opponent from getting around you, which is a tactic most large experimentals like to employ when facing a smaller tank.

Shooting long distances can be tough as well, with lamp posts and boxes or other obstacles that can absorb your shots, so aim carefully.

On the outskirts of town are fields with low, rolling hills that can provide some cover for tanks with a low profile. The fields aren't very wide, making you a target for tanks in the town.

Fast flag runners can make use of the fields since they can drive faster lines without going through the city grid.


This map has little cover for hull down positions so it favors "fat boys" and street brawlers.

Best Tanks for this map are IS-2, T30, Maus, KV-5, KTH, SP, E-100

Best TDs are M36B2, ISU-152

Top performers usually are M36B2, IS-2, T30, Maus, KTH

Modern top performers are T14, M1A2, Leo 2A6ace, M1A1ace, Leo 2A7, T90MS ace