Panzer V "Panther"
Medium Tank, Tier VI
HP 830
Damage per Shot 175
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 37 km/h
View Range 330 m
The Panzer V Panther was a German Medium tank devloped in 1943. It was a direct response to the Russian T-34 Medium tank. Like it's Russian counterpart it had sloped armor to give it maximum protection. It was armed with a high velocity 75mm gun that could easly penetrate a T-34 at range and had similar penetration to the more famous German 88 on the Tiger I. The tank was protected with more than 80mm of sloped armor on the front giving it a total effectiveness of 130mm. Most allied tanks had to get really close or to the sides in a hope to destroy it. Around 5,000 were produced making these a far more common sight than the Tiger and it garnered a very similar reputation among allied tankers. The Panther was one of the best tanks during the second world war finding a good balance of mobility, protection, and firepower. It was even used by the French after the war.

In Game Edit

This is the tier VI German tank. It has the highest health and the most powerful gun in its tier. It also has decent mobility especially compared to the Tiger I. It is a very capable tank but gets thrown in matches with tier VII tanks and experimentals so it should stick to the support role or possibly flanking. It has a very small difficult to hit turret so if it can get hull down somewhere it is a very difficult opponent to beat. Don't be afraid to dogfight experimentals as sometimes this is your best bet when it's 1 vs 1 it's just a little harder to do than in the faster Firefly though this tank is no slouch. Compared to the other tier VI tanks it's gun actually does quite a bit more damage to experimentals making you a good sniper. Flanking is a fun tactic since you can badly damage an E100 or T28 in the rear or sides.