9 Pobrezi (Coastal Map) 2018-11-01-00-59-18-952

Conclusion :

Its is a semi-mountainous terrain encircling a built in plateau in the middle. There are plenty of hide outs, hull down positions and outright rough terrain creating a very demanding and hard battle arena. Most of the good spots while offering excellent offensive prospects, do not offer any protection during a retreat so be really careful and NEVER charge alone into the sunset.

As it is a map suitable for all aspect combat from BVR sniping to dogfighting, any vehicle can find a part of the map in which it will excel and similarly a part in which it will suffer badly. Teamwork and out-flanking movements are at a premium here.

Best Tanks are A34, SP, T30, KTH E-100

Best TDs are M36B2, T28, A39 Tortoise, SU-100, ISU-152

Top performers usually are M36B2, A34, T30, SP, T28

Modern top performers usually are M1A2, T14, Leo 2A7, M1A2 ace, Leo 2A6ace, T90MS ace