Screenshot 2016-06-29-18-50-55
HP 425
Damage per Shot 77
Rate of Fire 20/min
Vehicle Speed 39 km/h
View Range 340 m
Due to the success of German Assault guns the Russians decided to create a version of their own. After several failed attempts finally the 122 mm M30 S howitzer was mated to the T-34 chassis to form the SU-122. It was successful in the infantry support role and the 122 HE shell produced enough concussive force to knock out most German tanks on a direct hit however it wasn't a true tank destroyer due to the poorer accuracy of a howitzer type weapon. It was eventually replaced by the SU-152 in the assault gun role.

In GameEdit

This is the tier IV Russian TD. It is slightly inferior in most categories to the German Stug III except in speed so use that as your best asset. It is best used in the support role like all TD's with a fixed gun since dogfighting is not a strong suit.