SU-85.Hero Image.V1
HP 635
Damage per Shot 130
Rate of Fire 14/min
Vehicle Speed 37 km/h
View Range 340 m

At the time when the T-34 mounted the 76.2mm gun, more firepower was required to kill the newer, heavier German tanks coming out. Based on the SU-122, which was based on the T-34 chassis, the 85mm gun was fitted over the 122 for its better anti-tank performance and the SU-85 went into production as a tank destroyer. It was better at killing the heavier German tanks than the 76.2 but it still wasn't quite up to the task of killing Panthers and Tigers. It had a realtively short production life once the T-34 gained the same 85mm gun a year later, mounted in a revolving turret. The SU-85 was phased out of service shortly after the war.

In GameEdit

This is the tier V Russian TD.

Fast and mobile, this tank destroyer is inferior to its German and American counterparts.