T-14 Armata
HP 4050
Damage per Shot 490
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 45
View Range 330 m

Strong Points : - Excellent turning, Best handling, Bouncy hull, hard to hit weak spots

Weakness : - Worst gun depression but not as bad as WW2 line

Frontal Weak Spots : Same as Abrams 1A2

- Lower hull (BLUE Color)

- Drivers vision block although after 2017 updates it bounces off 90%+ of the shots. (RED Color)

- Top part of hull but with a very high ricochet chance

(YELLOW Color)

Verdict : Best tank for most tankers, especially mid level ones that cant use the gun depression or snap turns of western designs. It also excels in expert hands at level ground or mountains.

Armata Weak Spots