IMG 20141007 190506
Main Battle Tank, Tier I
HP 1290
Damage per Shot 137
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 35 km/h
View Range 330 m

The T-54/55 was an Russian Main Battle tank (though they classify it as an Medium tank). The first prototype apeared during 1945 just as the war ended. It then entered mass production in 1947 and became the main battle tank of the Russian armed forces. It was the succesor to the famous T-34 and became the predecessor from the T-62 all the way up to the T-90 used today. The T-54/55 became widely used with estimates of 80-100,000 being built (making it the most heavily produced tank in history) and was used by over 50 countries. It was armed with a powerful 100 mm tank gun that offered good penetration for its time and had good armor protection that inspired the UK to develop the 105 mm gun.

In Game Edit

Tier I Soviet tank. It has less health and firepower than its NATO counterpart but greater speed and rate of fire. It does have significantly worse gun depression and elevation however often meaning the entire tank needs to be exposed in order to fire. It is more stable so it should stick to using greater mobility to get into good firing positions. Russian hulls are also very bouncy so playing peekaboo is an effective tactic if you can find some level ground with an obstacle in front of it. Close range dogfighting can also work just be sure not to get too close to where your gun will run into the other tank. Faces tier I-IV tanks so be careful as you are always the lowest tier.