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Main Battle Tank, Tier II
HP 1485
Damage per Shot 203
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 330 m

The T62 was basically an upgunned improvement of the T55. The 100mm gun of the T55 could no longer penetrate the frontal armor of the M48 and Centurion so a larger 115 mm gun was chosen. The gun couldn't fit on the T55 so a tank with a larger hull, and turret ring, was made to accomodate the new gun. It also had moderate improvements in armor protection over the T55. The 115 mm gun was the first smoothbore gun incorporated on a tank which allowed it to figher projectiles with higher velocities, like the APFSDS, and better penetration than other rifeled barrels in use at its time. This tank was used as the basis for the T72 that replaced it in service.

In Game Edit

The T-62 is the tier II Russian Modern Era tank. It is pitted up against tier I-IV opponents. The T-62 has a slightly weaker gun than its NATO counterpart but has a slightly higher fire rate to compensate for that. It does have significantly worse gun depression and elevation however often meaning the entire tank needs to be exposed in order to fire. It is more stable so it should stick to using greater mobility to get into good firing positions. Russian hulls are also very bouncy so playing peekaboo is an effective tactic if you can find some level ground with an obstacle in front of it. Close range dogfighting can also work just be sure not to get too close to where your gun will run into the other tank.