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Main Battle Tank, Tier IV
HP 1960
Damage per Shot 292
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 38 km/h
View Range 330 m

Designed to compete against the T-64 series, the T-72 was a redesign of the T-62. A more powerful engine and a 125 mm gun equipped with an auto loader were fitted. It also had much heavier armor protection that was subsequently upgraded with each model. It grew to be the second most produced post WWII tank and many were exported or licensed (and unlicensed) copies were built by many countries. It's initial combat experiences proved it to be nearly unstoppable though eventually more modern Western tanks began to appear that could defeat them.

In Game Edit

This is the Tier IV Russian Modern Era tank, like all Modern Era Russian tanks it has bad gun depression but excellent speed and maneuvrability and as well a great low profile, this tank has less health than than the Merkava but its low profile and higher damage make it a threat to watch out for. Thanks to that low profile it has really poor gun depression and elevation so you need to be very cautious not to expose yourself when you can't shoot back. It is more stable on the move so use your mobility as your greatest asset. The T-72 faces tier I-IV tanks meaning you will always be one of the big guns on the field.