T-80U 5 29-11-14
Main Battle Tank, Tier VI
HP 2530
Damage per Shot 402
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 42 km/h
View Range 330 m

The T-80U was a further advancement of the T-80 series MBT. It featured a new turret that added armor protection through a new second generation explosive reactive armor called Kontakt-5. Kontakt-5 can even dissipate the penetration of APFSDS ammunition. The T-80U also recieved the new higher tech 1A46 fire control system. This has a ballistic computer, laser range finder, and improved gunners sight which gives the T-80U much more effective firepower over earlier variants. It also recieved an improved gas turbine engine that had better mechanical reliability, more power, and can use more fuel types.

In GameEdit

This is the Tier V Russian Modern Era tank, this tank is prety much an improvement over the T-80 and faces tier V to VIII tanks. Compared to the Challenger this does more damage but fires slower. It has less health but greater manuverability. Like all Russian MBT's it has a low profile with a bouncy hull so playing peekaboo works pretty well. Thanks to that low profile it has really poor gun depression and elevation so you need to be very cautious not to expose yourself when you can't shoot back. It is more stable on the move so use your mobility as your greatest asset. Avoid the bigger guns of highert ier tanks and play the support role.