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Main Battle Tank, Tier VII
HP 2810
Damage per Shot 442
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 42 km/h
View Range 330 m
 The T-90 is currently the most advanced MBT in Russian service. It is essentially an upgrade of the T-72B that incorporates some of the more modern technologies of the T-80 like its gun and the ability to fire guided missiles through the gun tube. The T-90 has the latest advancements in armor protection (a three tiered defense system including the latest Kontakt 5 armor) and advanced fire control that enables it to hit targets on the move. It also has good mobility thanks to its powerful engine and lower combat weight compared to Western MBTs.

In GameEdit

This is the Tier VII Russian tank. Compared to the Leopard it has less firepower (though this fires an extra round per minute), has a little less health but a greater top speed and lower profile. Like most Russian MBT's it suffers from poor gun depression and elevation limiting its effectiveness over uneven terrain. It is more stable however with fewer rolls than NATO tanks so it should use its better mobility to get into good firing positions. Against lower tier tanks it has a pretty significant advantage in firepower and health so it should handle them with relative ease as long as they can't play to this tanks weaknesses. Against higher tier tanks they have the health advantage though they don't have too much better firepower.