T-90MS Tagil
Main Battle Tank, Tier VIII
HP 3200
Damage per Shot 464
Rate of Fire 11
Vehicle Speed 43
View Range 330 m
The T-90MS is currently the most advanced version of the T90. It has better survivability with a new type of reactive armor that is an upgrade over the Kontackt 5 and reduces the penetration of APFSDS rounds. Also as a means to improve survivability the spare rounds that are not stored in the autoloader are contained in a turret bustle to keep them from being ignited by a penetration. It also has an improved gun with greater range and an improved fire control for greater accuracy than its predecessor.

In GameEdit

This is the Tier VIII Russian tank. Compared to the Abrams it has less firepower, less health but has the same top speed. Like most Russian MBT's it suffers from poor gun depression and elevation limiting its effectiveness over uneven terrain. Unlike most Russian MBT's this has a fairly large profile making it harder to conceal though it is still smaller than NATO tanks. It is more stable than the Abrams and prone to fewer rolls so dogfighting is a decent tactic though it isn't quite as manuverable as the T90. It will always be the top tier tank so will have one of the highest health pools and firepower. It makes it very dangerous to lower tier players though the Leo actually does more damage per shot but has a slower fire rate so has less firepower overall.