T30 Heavy
T30 Heavy.Hero Image.V1
Tier VII American Experimental
HP 960
Damage per Shot 525
Rate of Fire 5/min
Vehicle Speed 28 km/h
View Range 330m

With the M26 Pershing the American army had a competitor to the Tiger I and Panther series of tanks but nothing comparable to the Tiger II. A heavy tank was developed on a lengthened and up-armored Pershing Chassis, and a 105mm gun was fitted as the T29 Heavy Tank. Later it was decided to put a 155mm gun on the design and this was the T30. The T30 had a more powerful engine than the T29 and needed a crane to help load the powerful gun, which gave it a low rate of fire but devastating firepower.

In Game Edit

The T30 is the tier VII American experimental and is characterized by its absolutely devastating gun. It can one-shot some tanks from the rear but also has a horribly long 12 second reload to balance it out. Its armor is slightly better than the Pershing, taking reduced damage to the side, though it's not as tough as the E-100. It does have decent mobility compared to its German counterpart.

When using this tank you must play peekaboo and shoot from covered positions as you will be quickly taken out if taking shots from enemy tanks while reloading. The front of the turret is very strong so hull down is always recommended since this way you can outdamage any tank on the field, as long as you can hide while you reload. This is not a tank that should be used to dogfight or lead a charge into a battle as faster firing tanks will quickly deplete your health while you reload. Used as a sniper, and taking well-aimed shots, you can decisively change the outcome of the battle.

360 Degree Pivot : About 20,5 secs - 17,6 degs/sec. Turret Traverse 16 secs - 22.5 degs/sec

Strong Points : - Highest damage, decent aiming & handling, superb gun depression, great mantlet and good frontal hull armor, Difficult to hit weak spots, Easy to play but Hard to master

Weakness : - Slowest reload, Weak side armor, Big target, High value/priority target,


Frontal Weak Spots :

- Tracks (Blue Color)

- Hull machine gun port on the right (RED Color)

- Turret cheeks (YELLOW Color)

Damage modeling : -Gun mantlet 35-40%, turret cheeks ?%, turret sides 50%, turret rear 55%

-Hull Front 55%, hull side 90-110%, hull rear 130-155%

- Tracks all round 110%