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Light Tank, Tier I
HP 220
Damage per Shot 27
Rate of Fire 29/min
Vehicle Speed 50 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Tetrarch was one of the last British light tank designs, but it never saw much action during the war. Before the Africa campaign, Britain decided not to use light tanks in its armored formations so the Tetrarch sat out most operations.

About its only combat use was to be air dropped in gliders to add extra firepower to airborne operations. Though it proved inferior to all German armor and wasn't very useful. It had a good armament for a light tank, recieving the 2lbr (40mm) gun, but it was outclassed by the time it was used in combat.

In GameEdit

This arguably cute little tank is the Tier I British WW2 Era tank. The Tetrarch is one of the fastest tank of all the WW2 era tanks. It has a great low profile, meaning that this cute little tank can also be mean on the battlefield.

Due to its great speed, manuverability and low profile the Tetrarch has no competitors in capture the flag kind of situations. However, the Tetrach is less fit for combat then its tier I adversaries. It has a less powerfull gun and less armour, meaning that playing sniper is a good playstyle given its good gun depression.

It's also an amazing dog fighter thanks to its high speed and manuverability which makes it hard to hit . Practise getting good shooting on the move and you can race around several enemies, plugging away while they relentlessly try to hit your small and fast tank.

Never underestimate a tetrarch in the hands of a good driver.